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Google Warning – Secure HTTPS vs. Non-Secure HTTP – What You Need To Know

Google is sending out notices to owners of websites that do not have secure (HTTPS) pages set up, or security is only partially set up. This is part of Google’s push for a more secure web. As previously forewarned by Google: “Starting October 2017, Chrome (web browser) will show a “NOT SECURE” warning when users enter text in a form on an HTTP (not secure) page.”  Website visitors shown this message will be warned their sensitive information could be stolen by attackers.

Video Search Optimization (Video SEO)

Note: these search optimization tips work for videos on other hosting sites as well Did you know YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google itself? We receive a lot of questions about video search optimization including how to get videos to show up on YouTube and in Google search.  Here are a few pointers on video creation, titles, descriptions, tagging and promotion to gain the maximum amount of traction and exposure.

SEO is about Passion

Another link just came through my email to an interesting article about “Why Link Building Is Not the Future of SEO” followed shortly by an email from Website Magazine about a webinar that will teach you “3 Tactics for Creating SEO-Friendly Content”. As an digital marketer, or Chief Search Caffeinator, I am constantly surrounded by articles, blogs, magazines, webinars, newsletters, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, and more all talking about the magic behind SEO. I’m going to share a quick secret with you: SEO is all about Passion.

Automated SEO Audits: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I’ll shoot straight with you – depending solely on automated machine-made website audits is cheap, dirty and unsatisfying. An automated website audit is the 99¢ drive-thru cheeseburger stuffed in a cheap paper bag, next to the salty fries that mysteriously never age. Why settle for this when you could have a nice, quality SEO steak dinner audit? Mmmm steak.

Your Site Better Be Mobile Friendly by 4/21/2015

Is your site responsive or optimized for mobile? Starting April 21st, if the answer is no, you may see a severe drop-off in traffic from Google. According to a recent webmaster blog post, on that date you will see more mobile friendly websites and mobile applications in search results, leading one to believe if you site is not mobile friendly, it will drop.

What’s The Difference Between 301 vs 302 Redirects?

For every website there eventually comes a time to redesign, move or remove pages.  In order to retain visitors arriving at an old page it is important to redirect them to the new location.  You might have heard of a 301 Redirect and 302 Redirect but what does it mean?

Received A Mobile Usability Issues Notification from Google Webmaster Tools?

Google is sending out warning notifications to owners of websites that are not mobile-friendly.  Already a feature of our SEO audit, testing for mobile compatibility is important because Google is checking – and if your website does not display well on a mobile device, Google will adjust mobile search rankings for your website appropriately. Bottom line – If your website is mobile-friendly, awesome!  If not, your rankings in mobile search will suffer.  Not good. What can you do?

How Much Does SEO Cost?

I get asked this question a lot. As if SEO is a uniform commodity. Yet no one walks into a shoe store and asks, “How much does a pair of shoes cost?” But, thanks the internet, people are impatient for definitive answers to vague questions. OK. So, here’s the answer: Anywhere from $1 to $250,000+ a month. This is directly from a survey taken of over 500 agencies specializing in search. Enlightening, no?

8 SEO Tips For YouTube

So you made a great, engaging video and proudly uploaded to YouTube.  You think your video is awesome but it’s not getting many views and you’re not sure what to do.  Here are some pointers to guide you on your path to internet stardom:

The Neglected Website Is Soon Forgotten

You invested in a beautiful website, integrating solid search engine optimization and great quality, original page content.  Your search rankings were great for a while and brought in lots of visitors.  But competitors moved in and stole your rankings.  How?