Search Optimization

SEO Snake Oil and Squirrel Tail Nuggets

Hey, have you heard this one yet? “GUARANTEED Top Keyword Placement in the largest Search Engines” It’s a claim very similar to that of the snake oil salesmen who would sell elixirs guaranteed to cure everything from baldness to arthritis.  You discover it’s completely bogus once you look into what it really does.  And yet for all the solid, established information about true search engine optimization and effective digital marketing practices, people still fall for the cheesy one-liner and the slick marketer promising “guaranteed” top search rankings.  Let it be known: no one can guarantee meaningful top rankings any more than winning lottery numbers.  And don’t buy their magical SEO tool either.

Don’t Believe The Hype: SEO Is Here To Stay

At Digital Caffeine we receive near-daily inquiries from concerned business leaders, web designers and fellow search marketing strategists.  It seems some folks have been led to believe the latest Google update apocalypse has stripped away keyword data and this has somehow ruined their search optimization.  In fact certain attention-seeking journalists relate this update as The Death of SEO.  Well we are throwing down the gauntlet to set the record straight.  So grab your favorite caffeinated beverage and continue reading to learn why: