SEO is about Passion

website-magazine-seo-webinarAnother link just came through my email to an interesting article about “Why Link Building Is Not the Future of SEO” followed shortly by an email from Website Magazine about a webinar that will teach you “3 Tactics for Creating SEO-Friendly Content”. As an digital marketer, or Chief Search Caffeinator, I am constantly surrounded by articles, blogs, magazines, webinars, newsletters, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, and more all talking about the magic behind SEO.

I’m going to share a quick secret with you:
SEO is all about Passion.

That’s it, that’s the magic behind SEO. Sure you need to make sure that your site is built properly, and that title tags are set-up and your H1 tags are in place. But once that’s there, once you have that, writing the content is all about Passion and believing in what you are writing.

PR Jargon is quickly Sniffed Out

Users of your site, and subsequently Google, can sniff out if it’s PR jargon, or written by someone trying to get to the first page of Google, or the all empowering coveted top spot. But Passion about what you’re writing is what visitors want, and what will not only drive traffic to your site, but leads to your company, subscribers to your newsletter, and money in your pocket.

Whether your site is about fixing cars, selling jeans, or a new tool to help businesses save time, if you write about it passionately, intelligently, and honestly, that is what will be the most effective for your SEO.

So coming from an agency that does SEO, make sure that you believe in what you are writing, that you have passion for it, and the hits will follow.