If it delivers leads, customers, or sales for you in a measurable way, then we probably do it. Here are the services we offer:

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords)​

You are probably most familiar with this. You search for something and up comes a bunch of results. We combine Google’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) with our HI (Human Intelligence) and target just the right people with just the right ads at just the right time. We do this on all Google’s services including:

  • Paid Search. When people do a search in Google, we make sure you re up to the top-which is the paid search results are (the organic, aka free results are below paid results)
  • Remarketing. When users visit and don’t do the action you want them to (e.g. buy something, make an appointment), we charmingly stalk them around the web with compelling ads to convince to make the action.
  • Google Display Network (GDN). This target users with image who have not yet had the pleasure of going to your site but will be the most receptive to seeing your ads. (Note, don’t worry about no having any ads. We and Google will create them all for you).
  • Youtube. Yes it’s part of Google.

Microsoft Advertising (formerly know as Bing)

This is a lot like Google– except the audience is not as large (but it’s getting bigger) and it tends to skew a tad older. Plus, because LinkedIn is also owned by Microsoft, Bing can take advantage of targeting some Linkedin audiences.

Facebook Advertising

To be clear, this has absolutely nothing to do with the social posts. More on the differences here. As with Google, we take full advantage of Facebook’s AI and combine it with our HI (Human Intelligence). We take advantage of all Facebook’s neat-o services and platforms including:

  • Target your best customers
  • Targeting Look-a-like audiences. Do you know who your best customers are? You can upload those to Facebook, Facebook can see who is on their platform, and then create look-a-like audiences based on the customers you uploaded.
  • Instagram (Universities, Online learning, Private Secondary Schools).
  • Non-profits that qualify for Google Grants (up to $10,000/month in free media from Google).
  • Those that rely on a large number of qualified leads

Some of Our Clients