Do your employees know what you do?

Do your employees know what you do? This may sound like a dumb question, but often I see leads generated from digital marketing efforts being sabotaged as soon as they get in contact with the company. Here’s why:

You Assume Your Employees Understand Your Business

Your employees may be well-intentioned, but maybe some don’t understand the fundamentals of your business. A great example of this is a dental practice that is one of our clients. Our campaigns were driving tons of calls to them and we thought we were knocking it out of the park. Woo-hoo! Yet the client said they were not getting new patients.  We thought, how could this be? Since all the incoming calls were recorded, we asked the client to listen to some of the calls coming in. This is what happened: the receptionists were not clear on what the practice offered. They told clients that they didn’t accept certain insurance (which they did) and that they didn’t offer implants (which they also did).

In addition, during lunchtime, all the calls went to voicemail because the receptionists liked going out to lunch together. Apparently, they didn’t realize people with a cracked tooth need an appointment ASAP and will call someone else. Yikes!

Sometimes there is an assumption (or hope) by business owners that their staff understands what their company does and learns it through osmosis or other staff members explaining it to them. That is often not the case. Even if employees understand what their company does, they would be flummoxed if asked “how is your company better than your competitors?” Many would answer this question by saying “our quality and care for our customers,” but that’s something that EVERYONE says.

What Sets Your Company Apart?

If your employees don’t even know what sets you apart from other companies, your customers definitely won’t. Why is this so important? When going to a digital marketing agency or a copywriter, if you don’t know what sets your company apart, how are they supposed to know? The thing that needs to be clear when you advertise to potential clients is why they should pick you out of all of the different options.

The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second-best time is today. Figure how to explain what your company does AND why it stands out from your competitors. Before diving into your digital marketing efforts, you first need to make sure your employees understand what your business does. Not only that, but you need to teach them how they can communicate this to people like your mom, neighbor, and 11-year-old niece. 

Digital advertising campaigns can drive a lot of leads/potential customers to your business. But if your staff isn’t crystal clear on what you do, you’re sabotaging your efforts.

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