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How Much Are Your Leads Worth?

These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry Glen Ross leads. And to you, they’re gold. And you don’t get them. – Blake (Alec Baldwin), Glengarry Glen Ross. Those famous leads were so valuable, people were lying, cheating, and stealing to get them. If your business depends on leads, you’re probably getting them the more conventional way – hiring an ad agency to set up and manage your digital advertising on Google, Bing and Facebook. But do you actually know how much these leads are worth? Here’s why you need to know.

3 Key Reasons You Need to Own Your PPC Accounts

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Let the agency take care of setting up the credentials and apply their credit card for all the digital accounts – Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, etc. And since it’s less for me to do, why not let them take care of getting those new URLs?  Who cares if it’s all under their name and they technically own it?  After all, they are going to be dealing with the accounts daily and managing all of it. What could go wrong?

7 Reasons No One is Filling Out Your Lead Form

You spent so much time figuring out exactly what information you needed from potential customers. You spent a ton of money on ad campaigns making sure they saw the form.  And you really need a lot of those potential customers to fill it out so you don’t look like an idiot.

The 5 Biggest Mobile Landing Page Fails

Over 60% of search is now done on the phone. So, you would think with all that money being spent on ads that spending a few minutes reviewing the landing page (the page the ad clicks to) wouldn’t be asking too much. Apparently, it is. Our agency comes across so many landing pages with such glaring mistakes that it’s obvious no one vetted these babies before launching them. Which is too bad because most of them could be easily found and fixed. Here are the biggest fails.

The Cliff Notes Version of the GDPR and How It Can Affect You

Europe is big into protecting the privacy of users who enter their information online (like filling out a form for an appointment, a credit card application, or even signing up for a newsletter).  They continually make the laws stronger to protect their citizens from digital evilness (like selling your information without your consent)– much more so than the US. That’s why they created the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR).  And on May 25, 2018, they are going to start enforcing even stricter requirements.   It can basically be boiled down to applying the Golden Rule to your privacy policy. “Digitally Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Digitally Do Unto You” 

7 Ways to Improve Your Ratings

We understand it can be a pain to keeping track of your ratings and reviews.  And who wants to deal with some deranged customer that could be some disgruntled ex-employee causing trouble., eh– it can be easier to just to shut off your computer and ignore the whole thing. Pretending like it doesn’t exist, however, is not going to help.

What Is a Lead?

When we set-up, maintain and optimize search and display campaigns for our clients, there is one metric that we focus on:  Cost Per Lead. Everything else, your click-through rate, quality score, impressions, clicks, pretty much every other metric in our report helps us analyze the best way to improve the Cost Per Lead.

10 Reasons Paid Search Works So Well for Home Services

While paid search doesn’t work for all businesses, it’s particularly good for home services because there’s always something wrong in people’s homes and they need help, ASAP. So if you own a business that services homeowners, here’s why you need to be using paid search:

How to Easily Figure Out Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

When we ask business owners what is the their lifetime value of their average customer, here’s what we usually hear: Business Owner (BO): Oh, I think we have that number somewhere. Digital Caffeine (DC): Do you know what ballpark it’s in?  $50? $500? $5,000? BO: I don’t know. Some customers are worth $50 and some more than $5000 so there’s no way to tell. DC:  Well, it’s fairly easy to get a rough estimate. If you add all your sales for the year and divide by the number of customers… BO (cutting us off):  Math? Ugh, I hate math. Oh, is that my phone? I gotta take this call.

Why We Choose “Rotate Indefinitely” When Setting up Paid Search Campaigns

When you set-up paid search campaigns with Google, Bing, and others, there’s a section during the set-up process which asks you how you want to run your ads. For Google, you’re given the choice between four options: