Testing headlines is better than spending 400% more on media

To increase sales from your Google search campaigns by 400%, would you rather: 

  • Run the campaign 4 times longer
  • Quadruple the media spend per week
  • Write several different headlines and Calls to Action

We have found that making simple tweaks to a headline (e.g. adding the word “Pro” in front of Web Developer) or changing the call to action (“We’ll scope your project” vs “Learn More”) can result in an increase in click-through rate by over 400%.


That’s why it’s important to Always Be Testing.  

Testing Doesn’t Mean Letting the Bots Take Care of Everything

While most people agree that testing is important, too many think that automation can take care of everything. Although the bots can work well with responsive ads— as long as you have human-written headlines– it gets weird when you only give them a keyword. 

eBay once ventured into allowing Google to automatically create ads and ad copy based on people’s searches. Unfortunately, for them though, they left the flood gates wide open, and searches like “loneliness” and “wife” ended up generating some search ads which were not what eBay had in mind.

So our philosophy when it comes to testing is:

  • Always be testing
  • The bots can help
  • Humans still need to concept the original headlines and texts

Got questions? Let us know. As long as you’re not a bot