Why Is Your Business Bothering to Post on Social Media

Is your business posting on social media to get more business? As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for ya?” BTW–I am talking about social media posts, not Social Media Advertising which is totally different. Also, I don’t count LinkedIn as social media– it’s a different animal. Now that that’s established, onto Wasting Time and Money.

When’s the last time you checked your metrics?

I am astounded that so many business owners are PAYING for someone to do regular social media posts and yet have absolutely no idea how well it’s working.They assume (pray?) it’s working on some level. Well, for all you business owners that have never bothered to check (or ask your marketing folks for specifics) I’ll save you some time and tell you how it’s working: Not. At. All.  No one is commenting on it, no one is sharing it, and no one is definitely becoming one of your customers because of the 139 posts your eager marketing coordinator uploaded. Now some of you may be saying, “But I got some likes on those posts. And some more people are following me. Those are good metrics!” How are some bots/fake users in other countries helping increase your sales? Here are the main metrics you should be looking at: How much are you paying to create your social media content and regularly update it? How does that compare to the sales revenue that posting drove in? The profit?  You don’t need a calculator to figure out the ROI is NADA.

Organic Social Media is not Field of Dreams

You may be thinking— how can all this effort not be working? It’s this all like Field of Dreams– build it and they will come? It’s a made-up movie, yes. In real life, no. You see, Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have enough money yet. So he’s not going to let your content propagate out there without spending a lot of money.  Oh sure, if you’re uploading an adorable kitten nibbling on a lumberjack’s beard, some oo-eey, gooey freshly baked chocolate chip cookie flecked with sea salt, or you’re one of Kris Jenner’s daughters, the Social Media Algorithm will grant you lots of free digital love. 

But Social Media Advertising Can Work

This is not to say that social media advertising doesn’t work. It can work really well. But you are only fooling yourself and draining your marketing budget if you think organic posting by itself is driving any sales or even awareness. The only bottom line benefiting from all that posting is the person (agency?) uploading it all. Got questions?  Contact Us.