Website Maintenance

New Years Check-up: What To Look at With Your PPC Campaigns

Around this time every year gyms get increasingly busier. At lunch time, instead of there being the 10 other people with me, there always seems to be 100 more, though it only tends to last a few weeks, you can see that people are trying to make some changes in the new year. Consider doing the same thing with your campaigns in AdWords, Bing, and Facebook.

Will Tags Inside of Tag Manager Fire For Users With JavaScript Disabled?

We were recently working with a client to clean up all of their tracking and conversion code. Part of that task involved taking all of the code which was placed directly on their site, and moving it inside of Google Tag Manager. (We love it when everything is all neat and tidy, and inside of Tag Manager). Their web development team was very helpful in taking the old code off and installing Tag Manager for us, from there it was rather easy to implement the new tags, set them up to fire properly, and everything was working just fine. Except for one thing, our client, and their web team, had just one question:

Don’t Let ISIS Go Jihad On Your Website!

  The FBI just issued a warning about unmaintained WordPress websites being attacked and defaced by ISIS sympathizers.  The focus is on older, unpatched versions of popular WordPress plugins such as RevSlider, GravityForms and others. This latest attack once again underscores the need to keep your website software updated and secured.

Why Did My Website Get Hacked?

Unfortunately we are hearing this question more and more.  Even if you don’t handle personal or financial data it doesn’t seem to matter; just about any website large or small could be vulnerable to attack.  But why would someone bother to hack your humble little site?  Some reasons might include: Enslave your website into an evil botnet. ** Use it as an email spam relay to advertise their human enhancement products, sketchy dating service, fast cash scam, etc. Use your website to further spread malware to other websites and computers. Maybe they just do it for kicks, giggles and bragging rights.