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If you’re looking for measurable results from your advertising, then Paid Search and Facebook Advertising  can be your best options.  We love these precisely because they are so measurable. In fact, they’re our main focus. Perhaps, however, you’re already using these and aren’t that thrilled with your results. Plus, you still have a lot of questions about them–like: How can I tell if my PPC campaigns are producing results and not just burning money? Why is it so hard to figure out Google Ad reports?  And Why can’t someone explain all this to me so I can actually understand it? It may seem easier to just forget the whole thing and grab a cold fizzy drink.  At Digital Caffeine, we get that.  So despite our love of geeking out paid search details, we try to explain everything we do so our moms (or CEOs or interns) can clearly understand us. Here’s what we focus on:

1. Measurable Results, Tangible Growth:

Are you looking for the phone to ring with requests for appointments? Users to buy your products? Then that’s exactly what we will measure. And we will show you exactly how much you are paying to get each call (sometimes called a lead or conversion) and each sale.

“To give you an idea of how they have impacted us, we have more than doubled our practice in the 5 years since we started working with them.” – Principal Partner of Bel Air Dental

“With our previous firm we were at $100 per lead. With Digital Caffeine we set an ambitious goal of $50 per lead. Over time we’ve seen that price per lead decrease to around $30.”   – Director of Marketing, AJ Michaels (HVAC/Plumbing company)

2. Clear Communication, No Hiding Behind Technospeak

There are three reasons people use confusing industry jargon around people that aren’t in the same industry.

They are trying to hide something

They are lazy and don’t feel like putting in the effort to explain it clearly in conversation

They think it makes them look smart

“We were looking for transparency and with the other agencies there wasn’t a lot of that. With those agencies, there was a lot of jargon talk, you know, talking in circles about things but, never really giving us any direct answers.”  – Director of Marketing, KitchenSaver

“Digital Caffeine never hid behind confusing numbers while other partners did. They were always upfront and very transparent with us. When we didn’t understand something Digital Caffeine was always there to explain what they were doing, what we were seeing and how that was going to help us meet our goals.” – Director of Marketing, Ripken Baseball

3. Transparency

When you work with an agency, you are trusting them to spend your money wisely and honestly. That’s why we follow all these transparent practices.  If your agency isn’t, that’s a big red flag.
  • YOU OWN ALL OF YOUR ADVERTISING ACCOUNTS. Most agencies own your accounts (e.g. Google Ads) and hold them as a “digital hostage” making it difficult to leave and transition to a new agency. We make sure you own all your accounts so you can see how we’re doing and exactly how much media is being spent. Your advertising data will always be available.
  • NO MEDIA MARKUP. Many agencies charge their clients based upon a percentage of their media spend. The more media the agencies buy, the more their clients pay. That only benefits the agency. We charge a fixed monthly management fee and only buy media that delivers results.
  • OUR CUSTOM DASHBOARD, THE BUZZ. The Buzz shows you exactly how all your campaigns are performing in one quick glance. It is tailored to display the metrics that are most important to you. You’ll always know exactly what is happening in your account with real time results.

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