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You want to grow your business. We are experts at using Paid Search, Facebook Advertising, and other tactics to help you reach new prospective customers.

Whether you’re thinking about using digital marketing for the first time or have questions about how you might use it more effectively, give us a shout. This is what we do. And we’re very good at it. Here’s what we focus on:


Measurable Results, Tangible Growth

You want more customers, and you want to spend less money getting them. Every business wants that, but not every business goes about it the same way. Maybe you want to funnel incoming prospective customers through your email system. Maybe it’s via the telephone. Maybe you have online forms. Maybe it’s as simple as walk-in business. We partner with you to find out what short-term results get you to your long-term business goals, and that’s what we’ll measure. By measuring these results, we’ll be able to help you understand what’s working.


Clear Communication Without the Jargon

There are three reasons people use confusing industry jargon around people who aren’t in the same industry:

  • They are trying to hide something
  • They are lazy and don’t feel like putting in the effort to explain it clearly in conversation
  • They think it makes them look smart

We don’t do that. You’ll never hear us tell you that you need to “increase your Marginal Monthly Digiweb Adverspend” and not only because we just made up those words. Simply put, our partnership only works if we understand each other.



When you work with an agency, you are trusting them to spend your money wisely and honestly. That’s why we follow these transparent practices. If your agency doesn’t, that’s a big red flag.

You own all your accounts. Many times, agencies are the actual owners of your accounts. (e.g. Google Ads). While initially this may seem more convenient for you because someone else is dealing with all the logistics, it’s overall not in your interest because they can hold them as a “digital hostage” making it difficult to leave and transition to a new agency if you decide to do so.

You directly pay all your media costs. Agencies often give you one bill at the end of the month for their media costs and management services. Do you know exactly how much is going to Google and how much is going to the agency? With us you’ll know, because it’s charged to your card as the owner of the account. Of course, we’ll manage it all and never go over the budgeted amount.

You pay a flat management fee that’s not based on media spend. Most agencies charge you based on how much media is being spent. So it is literally in their interest to spend more money on advertising even if you’re getting diminishing returns. We only spend as much as will give you a great return. Perhaps your sales are seasonal and it makes much more sense to spend a lot in the last quarter and cut back in the first quarter. We’re not going to spend as much in January as December just so we can get a higher fee. 

Is your agency following these practices? Not even sure? Contact us and we can help answer your questions.

“Digital Caffeine never hid behind confusing numbers while other partners did. They were always upfront and very transparent with us. When we didn’t understand something Digital Caffeine was always there to explain what they were doing, what we were seeing and how that was going to help us meet our goals.”
– Director of Marketing, Ripken Baseball