The Life-Changing Magic of Analytics

What’s the number one thing clients want from paid search? That’s easy: Qualified leads. They want the phone to ring and contact form submissions that lead to sales.

Yet when we (nicely) ask them – how many leads do you currently get each month? How many from calls? How may from paid search? From your website? From your radio campaign? They typically have no idea.

Your goal with any digital advertising campaign is to grow your business. The way you get there is by generating qualified leads.

Too often, however, we hear from new clients that they do not know how many qualified leads are coming and, even more importantly, where exactly those leads are coming from. How many are coming from a Facebook campaign? A week of radio ads? Organic search? Or a combination of them all? The most basic and critically important data about an ad campaign–the number of incoming calls or visitors and the percentage breakdown from the various ad channels–aren’t being accurately tracked. This is madness! And we are here to help.

We’re Analytics Geeks,
So You Don’t Have to Be

You’re busy running a business, so you don’t have time to sift through analytics to find the data that will help you optimize your digital ad campaigns. No worries, we are experts at this, and here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Determine where your leads are coming from.
  2. Track your incoming calls. (What campaigns are driving them, where they are coming from, what search terms lead to those calls–even figuring out if your traditional media spend is driving revenue.)
  3. Review what users are doing on your site. Using Google Analytics, we’ll track how visitors get to your site, what they do there, and where they leave it.
  4. Track on a deeper level what users are doing. We will look at your web visitors to determine how they navigate your site, what pages they looked at before they converted to a customer, what search terms they used, and how many times they visited.

To save you time while keeping you informed about your campaigns, we deliver regular and easy-to-read reports that are customized for your business. And while our reports are written in jargon-free English, we review them with you in order to ensure that you are able to see how everything is performing, what’s trending, and what are the next steps.