Paid Search Case Study
– A.J. Michaels

How We Helped Drop the Cost Per Lead by $70

About the Client, A.J. Michaels

A.J. Michaels is a Baltimore-based Heating, Plumbing, and HVAC service provider.

The Client’s Challenges:

  • Felt they were paying too much per lead– well over $100
  • Did not own their own AdWords accounts– so lacked full transparency into what was going on
  • Hard to make changes because they did not own their accounts and agency was unresponsive
  • Very little testing
  • Could not track where all their calls were coming from

Digital Caffeine’s Solutions:

  • Optimized their landing pages so they were more compelling and loaded much faster
  • Because the campaign was so poorly set up AND the client did not own it, we created a new campaign from scratch, completely in the client’s name so they will always own it.
  • We installed a solution to track telephone calls from all sources.
  • We created a customized report that focused on what metrics the client cared about via The Buzz, available 24/7
  • We set up regular semi-monthly meetings to review results, go over insights, get feedback, and go over next steps

The Results:

  • The cost per lead dropped from over $100 to $30
  • Client owns all their accounts outright
  • They understand the whole search process much better and feel more comfortable asking questions and making suggestions.


The real difference between DC, the other firm and most firms I have seen is that I really, truly feel like they treat our budget as their own.

David Cease Marketing Director

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