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Will Tags Inside of Tag Manager Fire For Users With JavaScript Disabled?

We were recently working with a client to clean up all of their tracking and conversion code. Part of that task involved taking all of the code which was placed directly on their site, and moving it inside of Google Tag Manager. (We love it when everything is all neat and tidy, and inside of Tag Manager). Their web development team was very helpful in taking the old code off and installing Tag Manager for us, from there it was rather easy to implement the new tags, set them up to fire properly, and everything was working just fine. Except for one thing, our client, and their web team, had just one question:

Set Separate URLs for Desktop and Mobile Traffic in AdWords

How cool is this “new-ish” feature in Google AdWords? We can now set-up mobile specific URLs within the same ad. So a single ad can direct desktop traffic to one URL, and that same ad, when displayed on smartphones, will send mobile traffic to a different, mobile-optimized URL.

Your Site Better Be Mobile Friendly by 4/21/2015

Is your site responsive or optimized for mobile? Starting April 21st, if the answer is no, you may see a severe drop-off in traffic from Google. According to a recent webmaster blog post, on that date you will see more mobile friendly websites and mobile applications in search results, leading one to believe if you site is not mobile friendly, it will drop.

Universal Negative Keywords – Optimizing PPC Accounts

Below is a list of keyword terms that the vast majority of advertisers should add to their PPC accounts as negative keywords at the campaign level. Negative keywords stop your ad from showing up on particular searches. For instance, if you fix major appliances in the Boston area, and want to advertise on the term Refrigerator repair in Boston, you would not want to be found when someone searches for Refrigerator repair jobs in Boston. That’s most likely a person searching for a job. To stop your ad from showing on that term, you can ad jobs as a negative keyword match.

Advice To College Students: How To Get A Job in Marketing

Many college students approach us looking for advice on what they can do to make themselves more marketable to future employers as well as new grads approaching us to get their first job. This is the advice we give them, and in many instances we wish they had known when embarking on their college career. College is about learning and preparing for your future (as much as it is going to parties and enjoying yourself). When you graduate and you’re looking to land your first job, doing any of the below things to put on your resume will impress interviewers and help you stand out among the crowd.

What Picasso Taught Me About Marketing

I found myself once again sucked in to Reddit this past weekend and came across this post “ELI5: Why is Picasso considered to be a great artist?” (for the Reddit novice, ELI5=Explain it to me Like I’m 5). The top comment, and perhaps the most succinct and best to answer mentions Picasso’s series of bull drawings. It even links to an article from Business Insider about how Apple employees learn design from Picasso.

The genius of Picasso is in his simplicity. Of being able to break down some of the most complex of images into something so simple yet still definable. He was perhaps one of the earliest pioneers of the KISS principle.

So what did that teach me about marketing?
To be fair, the concept can be translated to many different areas of life. But what really struck me about marketing relates around content marketing and copywriting.

When telling stories, trim the fat. Why use 10 words when 3 will do? When trying to explain to your audience your message, make sure that you write it in a way that makes it easy to understand while still telling them everything you want them to know.

That is the genius of Picasso and is the genius behind a great marketer.

A Logo Is Not a Branding Strategy

Small business owners wear a lot of hats. That’s why many of them figure, if you do one facet of their marketing for them—like paid search– you can do all the rest of it. For free. As a firm that specializes in online marketing, we work with a wide range of clients from those that have million dollar ad budgets to those that are new to the marketing world.  One common conversation we have with smaller business clients concerns building a brand strategy. After all, they think most of it’s fluff. How hard can it be to come up with a tagline? A style guide? A brand personality? What their unique selling point is?

A Landing Page Picture Is Worth a Thousand Conversions

Would you rather spend 300% more on your Adwords budget or change the picture on your landing page to get the same number of conversions?