LinkedIn Company Page example

5 Top Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Company Page Now

I know what you’re thinking- ohmygosh – not ANOTHER social media thing I have to do.  Facebook, Twitter, Google+ … and now I need to manage a LinkedIn Page for my company? I just don’t have the time.

Here’s the deal.  If you really are pressed for time, de-prioritize all the other social media.  It’s probably not doing you that much good anyway.  And put all that saved time into creating a LinkedIn Company Page.  Because when it comes to social media, LinkedIn drives the majority (64%) of high-quality, qualified visitors to corporate websites.  Way more than all the other social media combined.

Here’s Why

  1. Visibility: Your potential customers are checking out your LinkedIn Page whether you’ve created one or not.   If you haven’t, they get the default LinkedIn page which is just a list of people who worked there.  Or worse, it shows other people who worked at companies that sound like yours. It looks LAME.
  2. Credibility: It shows you are an established, reputable business.  Anyone can set up a website and call themselves a company, but the bar is much higher for LinkedIn. Not only do you need to establish and verify an official profile, you also need to show that you truly are part of the company.  Having a Company Page give you that verified credibility.
  3. Search Love: Search engines love good-quality Company Pages.  In fact sometimes they will be ranked higher than your actual website!  Why?  Because a good Company Page is well-structured, information-rich and legit.
  4. Customers: Grown-ups who mean business spend time on LinkedIn.  That’s why, according to hubspot, this year 43% of marketers have found customers on Linkedin.
  5. It’s Free: Think about how much would you pay to get your company’s story in front of your contacts and those of your employees.  No need to challenge your brain, especially if it’s not fully caffeinated, because it’s free.  By not putting up a Company Page you’re wasting a prime branding opportunity.

Getting Started

LinkedIn Company Page example
Here’s a LinkedIn Company Page example we had sitting around the office.

Setting up a basic Company Page set up is fairly painless, especially if you are already an active LinkedIn user.  Just click here to get started.

If you’re looking for a compelling Company Page with nice cover images, finished copywriting and experienced guidance, then it’s a good investment to get help from professionals who feel so strongly about this, they write blog posts about it.