Google Forwarding Numbers – Some Insights

Why aren’t Google Forwarding Numbers Showing in My Ad’s Call Extensions? We recently came across a situation where we set-up call extensions for our client with a Google-forwarding number. However, in testing to make sure it was working, our call extension numbers were not showing up consistently. Here’s the Scenario: We have a client that we recently launched. As part of the launch we set-up call extensions in Google AdWords. They were set-up at the campaign level and we enabled the Google Forwarding number to track conversions from ads. The forwarding number allows Google to replace the client’s phone number in the ad extension of the ad with a Google provided number. When a searcher either performed a “Mobile Click-to-call” or saw our ad on a SERP and called it, we could see that conversion in AdWords. The call would be forwarded to the predetermined number that we had set-up in our call extension.

What Picasso Taught Me About Marketing

I found myself once again sucked in to Reddit this past weekend and came across this post “ELI5: Why is Picasso considered to be a great artist?” (for the Reddit novice, ELI5=Explain it to me Like I’m 5). The top comment, and perhaps the most succinct and best to answer mentions Picasso’s series of bull drawings. It even links to an article from Business Insider about how Apple employees learn design from Picasso.

The genius of Picasso is in his simplicity. Of being able to break down some of the most complex of images into something so simple yet still definable. He was perhaps one of the earliest pioneers of the KISS principle.

So what did that teach me about marketing?
To be fair, the concept can be translated to many different areas of life. But what really struck me about marketing relates around content marketing and copywriting.

When telling stories, trim the fat. Why use 10 words when 3 will do? When trying to explain to your audience your message, make sure that you write it in a way that makes it easy to understand while still telling them everything you want them to know.

That is the genius of Picasso and is the genius behind a great marketer.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

I get asked this question a lot. As if SEO is a uniform commodity. Yet no one walks into a shoe store and asks, “How much does a pair of shoes cost?” But, thanks the internet, people are impatient for definitive answers to vague questions. OK. So, here’s the answer: Anywhere from $1 to $250,000+ a month. This is directly from a survey taken of over 500 agencies specializing in search. Enlightening, no?

Embracing the Honeymoon Phase

I recently started working at Digital Caffeine as the Chief Search Caffeinator and have been enjoying the exciting “Honeymoon” phase. Among learning about the company, our clients, along with how certain advertising campaigns are set-up and run, I’ve had the pleasure of asking “stupid questions.”

Don’t Be A Hashtag Zombie

Sure everyone wants to be loved and popular online, but all too often the lowly hashtag suffers the brunt of this digital feeding frenzy. Not long ago, almost no one ever bothered with the hash key except for code monkeys. But now so many of the masses have turned into hashtag zombies.

A Logo Is Not a Branding Strategy

Small business owners wear a lot of hats. That’s why many of them figure, if you do one facet of their marketing for them—like paid search– you can do all the rest of it. For free. As a firm that specializes in online marketing, we work with a wide range of clients from those that have million dollar ad budgets to those that are new to the marketing world.  One common conversation we have with smaller business clients concerns building a brand strategy. After all, they think most of it’s fluff. How hard can it be to come up with a tagline? A style guide? A brand personality? What their unique selling point is?

8 SEO Tips For YouTube

So you made a great, engaging video and proudly uploaded to YouTube.  You think your video is awesome but it’s not getting many views and you’re not sure what to do.  Here are some pointers to guide you on your path to internet stardom:

My LinkedIn Products Page is Going Away! Do I Need Showcase?

OK, yes it’s true.  Your LinkedIn Services/Products page is going away April 14th.   But you were barely giving it any love and attention anyway, so why panic now that it’s leaving? Don’t worry, take a deep breath.  Take a sip your favorite caffeinated beverage. And then take a few minutes to learn what to do:

The Neglected Website Is Soon Forgotten

You invested in a beautiful website, integrating solid search engine optimization and great quality, original page content.  Your search rankings were great for a while and brought in lots of visitors.  But competitors moved in and stole your rankings.  How?

SEO Snake Oil and Squirrel Tail Nuggets

Hey, have you heard this one yet? “GUARANTEED Top Keyword Placement in the largest Search Engines” It’s a claim very similar to that of the snake oil salesmen who would sell elixirs guaranteed to cure everything from baldness to arthritis.  You discover it’s completely bogus once you look into what it really does.  And yet for all the solid, established information about true search engine optimization and effective digital marketing practices, people still fall for the cheesy one-liner and the slick marketer promising “guaranteed” top search rankings.  Let it be known: no one can guarantee meaningful top rankings any more than winning lottery numbers.  And don’t buy their magical SEO tool either.