Why Home Service Companies Choose Us for Paid Search

Why Home Service Companies Choose Us for Paid Search


Digital advertising works. And it works particularly well for home services companies like plumbers, HVAC, general contractors, and exterminators.

Why is that?

Because most calls to these companies take place during a home emergency of some kind, and the first thing most people do in these situations is run to Google. Let’s face it, these days your business could be a block away from a homeowner who has a geyser shooting through their kitchen ceiling, but if you’re not at the top of their Google search results they are not going to be calling you.

We help home service companies grow their business by:

  • Delivering qualified leads.
  • Giving you a clear understanding of how your paid search campaigns are performing. 
  • Partnering with you to help you understand digital advertising in simple terms free of jargon.
  • Being able to get your campaign going very quickly thanks to our extensive experience with other successful home service companies.
  • Tracking all of your online and offline calls coming in. You can see exactly where the calls are coming from (e.g. Google Ads, Facebook, directly from your website, a special brochure, etc) how long the call was–and even listen to the recorded calls.
  • Setting up your call reps for success.
  • Optimizing your local search. (e.g. your Google My Business page and Yelp profile.)
  • Improving your online ratings and reviews.
  • Improving your customers’ experience from the start.

“The real difference between DC, the other firm and most firms I have seen is that I really, truly feel like they treat our budget as their own” Meaning they’re not going to recommend something just for the sake of recommending it.” – Director of Marketing AJ Michaels

“Digital Caffeine definitely delivers the performance they promise.  They produce what they say they are going to deliver” – Director of Marketing Kitchen Saver

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