When’s the last time you backed up your website? Updated your WordPress software? Scanned for viruses? If you own a WordPress-powered website and don’t have time for this stuff, sign up for our monthly website maintenance service and we’ll take care of the rest.

Backup Your Website

What will you do if your website gets hacked, or if your hosting service fails and everything is lost?  We make a backup of your website each month so you can quickly restore and get back online in hours instead of days.

hack my website

Update WordPress Software

You receive regular software updates for your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.  These updates provide important security and performance fixes – and if you don’t keep updated you leave yourself open to attack.

Did you know your poor, neglected website needs to be kept up to date?  We apply the latest updates to keep your website running properly, securely and at top efficiency.

Scan For Viruses

Sometimes a hacker can find their way past even the most secured defenses.  We run an anti-malware scan to find and remove malicious threats, helping ensure your website continues to run properly and does not become blacklisted by Google.

Test Your Website

Sometimes a “back end” change on your website hosting service, a recent update or change in configuration can cause your contact and lead generation forms to stop working – usually without you ever knowing there was a problem.  We personally test your website to make sure things are working as expected.

Below: actual website malware findings

Actual website malware findings

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