Case Study: Kitchen Saver

How We Lowered the Cost Per Lead by 80%

About the client, Kitchen Saver

Kitchen Saver remodels kitchens in just a few days, instead of months, by refacing cabinets instead of ripping them out and replacing them. This group of franchises’ headquarters is located in Owings Mills, MD.

The Client’s Problems:

  • Spending too much on leads (a phone call or a user filling out an appointment form)–over $150/lead
  • Little insight as to what the agency was spending money on or actually doing
  • Using a slow loading, mobile-unfriendly single landing page
  • No testing of landing pages
  • Little collaboration among client and agency

Digital Caffeine’s Solutions:

  • Build out and consistently test landing pages that show well on mobile while having a singular goal of driving form inquiries
  • Continually A/B test ads and landing pages
  • Review all areas within AdWords that we can adjust bids (this would include device, location, keywords, ad groups, demographics)
  • Add in campaigns, focusing on top performing campaigns and ad groups, while taking budget away from less performing ones.
  • Working closely with the client to find images, copy, and specials that drive interest and conversions
  • Meet regularly with client to review insights, collaborate, and discuss next step
  • Creating a customized dashboard for them, via The Buzz, so they can see how their campaigns are performing 24/7.

The Results:

  • The cost per lead dropped down to just 20 % of what they were paying before
  • Phone calls increased dramatically
  • Much clearer understanding of how the campaigns work and perform
  • Much more collaborative environment
  • They like us so much, they recommended us to the Kitchen Saver franchises north of them

We were looking for transparency and with the other agencies there wasn’t a lot of that. Instead they gave you a lot of jargon, you know, talking in circles  but never really giving us any direct answers.

Director of Marketing, Kitchen Saver


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