PPC Case Study:
HVAC & Plumbing

About the Client, A.J. Michaels

A.J. Michaels is a Baltimore-based Heating, Plumbing, and HVAC service provider. Their marketing and advertising budget is spread across several different mediums including TV, Radio, Print, and online with heavy seasonality in the spring and fall.

A.J. Michaels' Campaign Improvements

A.J. Michaels performance improvement with Digital Caffeine vs prior agency.
Note: a conversion is counted as a call that lasts over 30 second or a form filled out requesting an appointment.

What They Were Looking For

A.J. Michaels was running a campaign in Adwords, but felt that their paid search provider had become complacent and were not “turning the knobs” as much as they should have been. They wanted to find a new partner that would breathe new life in to their campaigns, and bring more customers to their door.

Additionally, their campaigns were set-up under their former provider’s account, meaning that A.J. Michaels did not own their own Adwords account and needed permission to access it (which was a hassle).

How Digital Caffeine Helped

After taking over their account in the Fall of 2014, primary KPIs were established for Digital Caffeine to measure campaign success against. We made sure that A.J. Michaels was set up with their own AdWords account and Landing Page service (Unbounce) that they fully owned. Once the previous campaigns and landing pages were imported to their new account, we began optimizing, and making large changes across the board to increase click through rates (CTR) and conversions while cutting the cost per click (CPC) and cost per conversion (CPA).

The Results

Six months in to the campaign, their campaigns were optimized enough that A.J. Michaels began to incrementally increase their budget. Now, two years after beginning working with A.J. Michaels, their advertising budget has nearly doubled, they have expanded their campaigns, target, reach, and ad networks they are using, and seeing leads come through less than 25% of what they were paying before we started.

Digital Caffeine was able to take a stagnant paid search campaign with lackluster results and turn it around in just a few short months. We are now seeing more leads, more calls, and new customers at a much lower cost per conversion than what we had before.  I appreciate that their reporting is insightful and speaks directly to our KPIs.  Plus their account management and leadership is topnotch and always available.

David Cease
Marketing Director
A.J. Michaels