You know how when you search online for something on Google, say a “book on gardening,” and the first page typically has exactly what you’re looking for? We help those sellers of garden books appear on those pages.

We pick up the phone, we
email clients back, we
respond to your questions.
Not only that, we do it in a
way that is easy to
for you, your
CEO, and everyone on
your staff without a lot of
marketing jargon. It’s
amazing how this one little
facet that is very
appreciated by our
Along with simple
communication, our
reports are designed to
measure key metrics.
Whether you are looking
to rank in the top three for
a particular keyword or
have your cost per lead
under $50, we design
reports to be read and
understood in five minutes
or less.
Those simple reports,
combined with extensive,
research, and data, help
us make decisions
about your account. With
SEO and PPC, it’s
important to test
everything. A different
headline, copy, image, or
layout can make all the
difference on who visits
your website and who
gives you a call.
We openly communicate
with our clients
Our reports are simple
to read
We base decisions on
Data, not Hunches.
The Caffeinators at Digital Caffeine
have been around since the "Wild
Wild West
" days of online marketing.

We’ve grown and evolved with
the industry, continuing to learn
and stay ahead of the curve as Google,
Bing, Facebook, and others progress.
Digital Caffeine helps Clients With
• Digital Strategy Consulting
• E-mail Marketing
• LinkedIn For Business
• Local Search Optimization
• Online Advertising
• Search Engine Marketing
• Search Engine Optimization
• Website Audits
• Website Maintenance


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