Hashtag Zombie

Don’t Be A Hashtag Zombie

Hashtag ZombieSure everyone wants to be loved and popular online, but all too often the lowly hashtag suffers the brunt of this digital feeding frenzy. Not long ago, almost no one ever bothered with the hash key except for code monkeys. But now so many of the masses have turned into hashtag zombies.

Get Off The Hashtag

Hashtag AbuseYou know what really twists my mouse cord in a knot? Hashtag abuse! You have no shame in your game and it just ain’t right. When every word is preceded by a freakin’ hash … who comes up with this stuff? Think of the children.

You’re A Digital Redneck!

  • You might be a digital redneck if your post contains more than two hashtags.
  • You might be a digital redneck if you use hashtags in your blog.
  • You are a guaranteed bona fide digital redneck if you ever used a hashtag in an email or text message! Holy crap!
  • You have devolved into hashtag zombie if you received the above email or text message containing a hashtag and tried clicking on it, only to find disappointment when nothing interesting happened. Orly?

Grumpy by OatmealAnd if your email signature contains smiley faces, hashtags or a list of links to all 10 of your social media profiles – it’s time to kick you off the digital bus, with prejudice.


Going Social? Keep It Real.

Seriously though, if you are compelled to add your voice to the social media mayhem, at least put in a little effort. Spend some time coming up with unique insight rather than just retweeting or reposting someone else’s thoughts. Be less zombie, more human.

Hashtag Strategically

With all that being said, there are times when a well-placed hashtag could be used to enhance your social communications. For example, when you apply a hashtag in a Twitter post, it becomes hyperlinked as a search; i.e. #hashtag. When clicked, the hashtag can lead your reader to find other posts related to your topic.