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8 SEO Tips For YouTube

So you made a great, engaging video and proudly uploaded to YouTube.  You think your video is awesome but it’s not getting many views and you’re not sure what to do.  Here are some pointers to guide you on your path to internet stardom:

1. Use Great Titles

Cat HatHow can people find your super-funny cat video if you don’t give it a good name?  Briefly describe what the video is about, while making it compelling so people want to see it.  “My Funny Cat” is pretty boring – make it more interesting like “Meowkins The Cat-Hat Sits On Angry Girlfriend’s Head”.

2. Make Descriptive Descriptions

Reinforce your video title with a high-quality description that describes the video (“About”).  Keep it interesting and on point, don’t wander off topic.  Example: “Mr Meowkins loves my girlfriend’s new hairdo so much, he decides to park himself on her head.  So funny!  She still isn’t talking to me.”

  • Be sure to ASK the viewer to Like your video and Subscribe.  This is important!  If you do not ask, you shall not receive.
  • Do you have another video related to this one?  Link to it so people can click to view.
  • Do you have a website?  Drop a link to it here.  Be sure to include the http:// on the beginning.  Example:  “Check out my cool cat website at”

3. Add Tags

Add a few descriptive keywords as “Tags” to identify what your video is about and help people find your content in search.  The tags should be relevant to the video and work to reinforce your Title and Description (above).

4. Popularity Contest

Fonz-thYouTube video rankings are much like a popularity contest.  Video channels with more subscriptions and videos with more “Likes” and shares tend to be ranked more favorably in search results.  Proactively ask your viewers to subscribe, like and share your videos.  Thumbs up!

5. Promote

Shamelessly promote your videos to increase popularity – link to your YouTube channel from your website, email signature, email newsletters, Facebook profile, Twitter page … pretty much everywhere.  Announce and talk about your videos on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, etc.  Always ask people to subscribe, like and share (see #2 Description, above).

6. Brand Yourself

Create a very brief (5 to 7 seconds) intro and outro for your videos to display official branding and message.  In the intro show your name, logo, website URL and in a few words describe what the video is about.  For the exit outro show your name, logo, website URL and in a few words describe who you are, what you offer, and contact details.  Once again, be sure to ask the viewer to subscribe, like and share.  Be shameless!

7. Keep Building

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, ...Being a one-hit wonder is fun for a few weeks, but people get bored and move on quickly.  Keep adding videos over time.  They don’t all need to be the top viral video of the week, just something interesting to keep your subscribers engaged.  Perhaps a fun video of Mr Meowkins celebrating his fourth birthday, or your holiday video showing his Christmas tree climbing prowess.  You know, the one that ended with the fire department being called and you getting evicted from your apartment two weeks later.  Such fond memories 🙂

8. Advertise

YouTube advertising can give you a quick increase in views – and if you promote yourself by asking for Likes and Subscriptions, hopefully a good way to build your viewership and video rankings.  It is also a great way to burn through cash so manage your spend carefully.

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