PPC Account Audit

Our Executive Summary is designed to be read and understood in five minutes, while the more comprehensive report goes into much greater detail

Perhaps you already know that your PPC campaigns need help but do not have the time/experience to thoroughly go through each one to figure out what needs to be changed.

Our PPC audit analyzes both your big picture goals and the ostensibly tiny details that only an obsessive/compulsive geek wired on caffeine would find. We will detail exactly what changes need to be made and prioritize what should be done first. We can even incorporate all those changes if you hand over the digital keys.

What We Review

  • Account Set-up
  • Campaign Settings
  • Ad Groups
  • Ads
  • Keywords
  • Match Types
  • Extensions
  • Landing Pages
  • Networks
  • Day-Parting

We then Present You With Two Reports

  • First report – this one’s for the C-Level Folks. Digital Caffeine produces a one-page quick snapshot of our findings. This can be easily read by CEOs and Marketing Managers that either have short attention spans and haven’t had their morning coffee yet and/or don’t have the intimate knowledge of AdWords, Bing, and Online Marketing to understand what they’re reading.
  • Second Report – This one’s for the geeks (Hey, we’re geeks too). Digital Caffeine gives you a full report of our findings. It goes step-by-step through every area we look at. Account set-up, campaigns, keywords, landing pages, a full 100+ point inspection of everything within your account. It then grades how well things are set-up, and gives actionable insights to improve your account. This is designed for those with intimate knowledge of the campaigns, their set-up and their day-to-day management.

Whether you run your campaigns in-house, or use an outside agency, an audit will help determine if your budget is being spent wisely, and uncover ways to optimize your campaigns

How an Audit Works


A snapshot look at what is included in our short-report

Step 1 – Authorization

Once you agree to an audit, you’ll authorize Digital Caffeine to have Read-only access to your AdWords account. This allows us to go in, pull reports, and look around without being able to make changes to your account.

Step 2 – Kick-off Meeting

At the kick-off meeting, all parties will be introduced and have a chance to go over the campaign. Digital Caffeine will gain a better understanding of your campaigns, goals and[SM1]  KPIs, along with any insights your team can provide.

This meeting generally lasts 1-2 hours via a conference call or in person meeting. Either way, you’ll get one of these (picture of digital caffeine cup)

Step 3 – We get Down and Nerdy

This is where the digital nerd in us comes out. We start running reports, a lot of reports. This data helps us analyze your account, to see how well everything is working and what digital knobs can be adjusted to help improve things and percolate your ROI.

Not only do we look at quantitative data, we also look at qualitative information, too. How well do your keywords line up with your ads, and how well do they line up with your landing pages? Can anything be streamlined or improved?

Step 4 – We Write up The Findings

What good is doing all of this if we don’t tell you? We produce two reports for you. The first is a brief one-page overview, which gives you a quick snapshot of our findings that can be easily interpreted by everyone on your team.

The second is our long report, which goes over everything we’ve analyzed and is meant to read and understood by the people down in the trenches. It gives a roadmap of what can be improved, and shows the potential impact it could have on the account.

View a Sample Short Report

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