Rocking The Honeymoon

Embracing the Honeymoon Phase

Rocking The Honeymoon
Take advantage of your Honeymoon, at work and in life.
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I recently started working at Digital Caffeine as the Chief Search Caffeinator and have been enjoying the exciting “Honeymoon” phase. Among learning about the company, our clients, along with how certain advertising campaigns are set-up and run, I’ve had the pleasure of asking “stupid questions.”

What Are Stupid Questions?

These questions can range from where certain documents are found to why certain keywords are running in campaigns or how certain audiences are targeted. Quite often, many of those questions are answered with “that’s they way it’s been done, so we continue doing it that way.” My retort to that? Just because it’s always been done that way doesn’t mean that it’s the right way, or that there isn’t a different, more efficient way.

Embrace Them

Asking those “stupid questions” is perhaps one of the greatest parts of the “honeymoon” phase and should be embraced. Whether joining a new organization, hiring new contractors, or even starting on a new project, it is important to ask them and dig down to understand not only how things are done, but more importantly why. What is trying to be accomplished and is there a better way to do it?

Change Happens

Since I’ve joined Digital Caffeine, I have changed how many of our reports to the clients are being delivered with results much easier to see and data easier to digest. We are starting to use systems differently and have a new file sharing structure.

This all begins from simply asking “why” and following that up with “can it be done better?”

Enjoy the Honeymoon

I urge companies, organizations, and team leaders, to embrace the “honeymoon” phase from new employees or partners you might work with. Don’t dismiss “stupid questions” and assume that the person asking them doesn’t know what they are doing, but rather understand that there may just be a method behind their madness.

As I continue on with my “honeymoon” phase (which I plan on stretching out as long as I can), I will continue asking “stupid” questions not only to our clients but everyone at Digital Caffeine as well.