Call Tracking
& Texting

Why All Our Campaigns Have Call Tracking Metrics

Congratulations! Your $125,000 spent on seven campaigns across TV, trade shows, paid search, print and direct mail resulted in 18,000 inbound calls! Great job. We’re proud of you.

But before we crack the champagne, let’s analyze those fantastic results:

  • Which channels were most effective? 
  • Which ones should you double-down on next time?
  • Which should you cut back on?
  • Which should you eliminate?


Yeah, exactly. It’s always been a thorny challenge to track the source of inbound calls. After all, digital cookies don’t exactly travel over the phone lines, do they? How can you know what’s working and what isn’t? For years, companies have had to manually create a unique phone number for each channel in order to get this critically important information. This is slow and expensive–and, happily, outdated. 

That’s why we use Call Tracking Metrics on all our campaigns. It creates and inserts a unique and dynamically-created phone number for each channel in your campaign. This virtual phone number automatically forwards to any number you choose. From slow, manual and expensive to automatic, fast and cost-effective.

Call Tracking Metrics allows us to analyze calls from:

  • Paid Search
  • Organic Website Traffic 
  • Direct Mail Campaigns 
  • TV Ads
  • Trade Shows 
  • Print Collateral
  • And More

With Call Tracking Metrics, you can quickly see which of your marketing efforts are worth investing in and which ones are duds. Not only that, but with Call Tracking, you can more easily and effectively contact your leads and customers via text.


Now with Text Messaging

Beyond tracking phone calls Call Tracking Metrics allows our clients to interact with their leads/customers through text messaging. 

There will likely always be a place for telephone- and email-based tactics in your marketing campaigns, but adding text messaging to your list of available ways of contacting current and prospective customers will give you significantly greater reach and flexibility. 

There are gigabytes of data analyzing the effectiveness of text-based messaging vs. telemarketing, but there’s really only one stat you should consider: 

How many times do you answer the phone from an unknown number?

Yep, us too. But for some reason, we always read every text message we receive. Call Tracking Metrics allows you to follow up with your leads through text messaging, which has significant advantages over email or phone calls:

  • Text messages have a 98% open rate. (Email is 20%)
  • Text messages have a 45% response rate. (Email is 6%)
  • Texts are less intrusive and disruptive than phone calls.
  • Texts aren’t subject to the whims of spam filters*

*Source: Gartner, “Tap Into the Marketing Power of SMS”)


But Wait, There’s More!

We are able to integrate text messaging into our clients’ lead nurturing campaigns seamlessly. All of the text messaging campaigns are done on the computer, not on your phone.

Our Text Messaging solutions allows our clients to:

  • Send out specific individual text messages to leads
  • Create bulk text messages to send out to groups (think webinar reminders, rain delays, and promotional updates)
  • Create texting campaigns with auto-responses based upon the user’s reply

So, by leveraging the awesome power of Call Tracking Metrics, you can not only know exactly where your leads are coming from, but also reach them where they already are–texting on their phone.