Although online shopping is very convenient, there are always some products and services that you need to purchase in person from a traditional “brick and mortar” store.  From doggie day care to 24-hour plumbers to bakeries that will create a cake with a photo on it, people are always doing searches for what’s close by and what others think of those places.  However, the search results users see are wholly dependent on where your business is listed and how well optimized your listing is.

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Does your business show up when people search for your products and services?

For example, if you perform a Google search for “Baltimore bakery” you will receive listings for bakeries in the Baltimore area.  If you’re a Baltimore bakery, your business may or may not show up there depending on how optimized you are for local search.  And how you show up – with photos, maps to your shop, and reviews—once again, depends on what you’ve done for local search optimization (and how customers feel about your product).

While we can’t affect how people rate your business, we can make it as easy as possible for them to find it and give comments about it.

Local Search Optimization Features

  • Evaluating your current local search visibility and identifying where improvements can be made for your specific niche
  • Creating your local search marketing profile – who you are, where you’re located, photos of your products or services
  • Submitting your information to local search directories and business listings

profile-checkUnlike some competitors, we do not “own” your business listings – you do.  We charge a one-time fee for our optimization service, after which you own and can maintain your listings as you see fit.  Contact us to learn more!

Local Search Management

calendar-checkSome local business listings, like those in Google+ and Yelp, offer users a way to provide ratings and feedback about a business.  It is important to maintain awareness of this feedback, take it on board and provide a level-headed, professional response to negative reviews.  However, not all businesses have the time or expertise to do this. Digital Caffeine offers a service retainer so we can actively monitor your local listings and help you respond to customer concerns.

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