What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is known as the social network for Professionals.  It is a place where yourself and others within your industry can meet, connect, communicate and build new relationships.  Additionally, having a good, credible profile can help drive visitors to your website and into your sales funnel.

Are You On LinkedIn?

If you aren’t on LinkedIn you are missing a great opportunity to network with other professionals like yourself.  As we all know, you only have a few seconds to make that all-important first impression.  Don’t sell yourself short – your profile needs to be accurate, complete and crafted to highlight your strengths.  This is why we offer LinkedIn optimization for Business and Professionals.


LinkedIn For Your Business

Company Pages are where you build your company’s profile.  Your company needs to appear established, active and of course professional.  We accomplish this by helping you create a great description of your company and detailed pages to showcase your products and services.  If your company is not listed, or has a poor or incomplete profile, you are missing a great networking opportunity with over 250 million potential clients and associates.

Your Professional LinkedIn Profile

You, your associates and company employees need to have a strong, professional profile on LinkedIn.  The personal profile is where you showcase your individual strengths and talents that each team member brings to the company.  Your employees are like evangelists for your company and it is very important they have a good profile to represent your business.  But do they really understand what your company offers – your competitive value proposition – and is that sales message reflected consistently in their profiles?


LinkedIn Network Training

Digital Caffeine can coach your employees through a “boot camp” process to build a strong profile, connect with other associates and build your professional networks.  After all, whether an employee works in sales and marketing, or not, each of their network connections could become a potential sales lead.

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