30 Minutes to Ask Us Anything About Digital Marketing or A chance to ask all the digital marketing questions you are too embarrassed to ask anyone else.

Oh sure, Google is great for answering some specific questions e.g what does the acronym SEO stand for. But when it comes to more complex type questions– What the &#%* does all this gibberish in this AdWords report mean? That’s when it helps to have a knowledgeable outside person explain it.  Especially when you’ve already asked your current agency 7 times and each time they answer it makes as much sense as Charlie Brown’s teacher.  

We get it.

Wouldn’t be nice to show someone that report and have them clearly explain each part because you’re so confused you don’t even know what an informed question would be? And feel free to jump in at any time to get more clarification?

Wouldn’t it be nice to ask whatever digital marketing question you want 100% judgment-free?

Here’s your chance.  You can have up to 30 minutes to ask whatever digital marketing questions or get more clarity on whatever topic.  

Some examples:

  • Explain what the real difference is between SEO, SEM, PPC and any other acronym is in a way that your technophobe great uncle would understand
  • Decipher a report with the metrics from your campaign
  • Take a tour of your AdWords account (note– you will log into join.me and share your screen with us)
  • Same for Facebook advertising or Bing
  • Look at a contract/proposal and see if there are any red flags- e.g. you don’t own the accounts, you don’t directly pay for media.

Ready to be less confused about digital marketing and your digital campaigns? Fill out the form and let’s get started.

How The Process Works

  1. Fill out the form on this page with your name, contact info, and what you’d like to cover in 30 minutes.
  2. We’ll follow-up with you to set-up a time and gather any items we would need to review on your call, such as your latest report or read-only access to your AdWords account.
  3. Grab a coffee and chat. It’s an open and honest one-on-one call to answer any digital questions you have.

Our goal is to have you walk away understanding more about your digital marketing campaigns so that even if you don’t fully understand them afterward, you are at least knowledgeable enough to know what questions to ask.

Who are we Talking with on our Ask Us Anything Chats?

  1. People that are taking on a new role and have no idea about digital marketing, but don’t want anyone to know that (don’t worry, we’re discreet)
  2. Folks that have been running their own campaigns for a while and want someone else to weigh in on how things are going and where you can try and improve
  3. Marketing Directors that have been working with an agency for years, receiving monthly reports but have no idea what they mean and don’t want to ask a “silly question”
  4. Company owners that want to have a better general understanding of digital marketing so they can make better business decisions