Email Marketing ServicesNothing else is going to give you more digital bang for your buck than email marketing. It’s the most effective way to drive conversions, awareness and retention. And what makes it even better, you can see the results at-a-glance. It’s perfect for companies with a limited marketing budget and need results quickly.

Our Email Marketing Services

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No idea what to say? We will collaborate with you on a content calendar. No idea if your emails are working? We love adding analytics coding to everything. Not sure where to start? Grab your favorite caffeinated beverage, and read about all the fab things we can do for you.

Mobile-Friendly and Intuitive

All we need is your logo and some branding guidelines and we will create a newsletter template or a simple branded email template (or both). It will be uber easy to update or you can give us the content and we can do it for you.

Content Management

Perhaps you’d like to send out an email but no idea what to say? No worries. We can do the following:
• Create a Content Calendar. We collaborate with you to come up with content ideas for each month.
• Edit/Optimize your content. If you give us the gist of what you want to say, we can edit it, create strong calls to action, and make sure it follows best practices.

Email Optimization and A/B Performance Testing

Email A-B Testing

42% of businesses say email is one of their most effective lead generation channels. And for B2B marketers, 88% say email is the most effective lead generation tactic – Circle Research (2012)

Get You Up and Running on MailChimp

We can import all your email addresses into MailChimp, a fabulous email platform. (We get nothing for saying this). Unlike other platforms out there, it makes it uber simple to do A/B tests on subject lines. So you we can test to a small group first and then use the winner of the test to send out to the rest of your list. We will do the following:
• Import your email list.
• Set you up as the owner of the account with us as the admin (so you always have control over the account even if we part ways years later and there is no mark up on MailChimps very low fees).
• Put in the tracking code.
• Give you a tutorial on how to upload content and send the email (we, of course, can do this to save you time).
• Show you how to read the email performance dashboard.
• Give you a monthly report with analysis/learnings and review it with you in a meeting.

Email Marketing Reporting


Unlike TV, print, and radio—email can tell you exactly what is resonating with your customers. We will do the following:
• Set up the MailChimp tracking so you can see open rates, bounce rates and A/B test results to see which subject line worked the best.
• Set up call to action links (e.g. content/offers on your site) so Google Analytics tracks these actions.
• Create an intuitive monthly report that includes trends, insights and recommendations for new tests. And we will review this with you on a meeting.

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