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Google Forwarding Numbers – Some Insights

Why aren’t Google Forwarding Numbers Showing in My Ad’s Call Extensions? We recently came across a situation where we set-up call extensions for our client with a Google-forwarding number. However, in testing to make sure it was working, our call extension numbers were not showing up consistently. Here’s the Scenario: We have a client that we recently launched. As part of the launch we set-up call extensions in Google AdWords. They were set-up at the campaign level and we enabled the Google Forwarding number to track conversions from ads. The forwarding number allows Google to replace the client’s phone number in the ad extension of the ad with a Google provided number. When a searcher either performed a “Mobile Click-to-call” or saw our ad on a SERP and called it, we could see that conversion in AdWords. The call would be forwarded to the predetermined number that we had set-up in our call extension.

Embracing the Honeymoon Phase

I recently started working at Digital Caffeine as the Chief Search Caffeinator and have been enjoying the exciting “Honeymoon” phase. Among learning about the company, our clients, along with how certain advertising campaigns are set-up and run, I’ve had the pleasure of asking “stupid questions.”