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99% of advertisers running campaigns in Google, Bing, and others, should includes these terms as Negative Keywords throughout their campaigns.

Universal Negative Keywords – Optimizing PPC Accounts

Below is a list of keyword terms that the vast majority of advertisers should add to their PPC accounts as negative keywords at the campaign level. Negative keywords stop your ad from showing up on particular searches. For…
Google Forwarding Number

Google Forwarding Numbers – Some Insights

Why aren’t Google Forwarding Numbers Showing in My Ad’s Call Extensions? We recently came across a situation where we set-up call extensions for our client with a Google-forwarding number. However, in testing to make sure it…
Rocking The Honeymoon

Embracing the Honeymoon Phase

I recently started working at Digital Caffeine as the Chief Search Caffeinator and have been enjoying the exciting “Honeymoon” phase. Among learning about the company, our clients, along with how certain advertising campaigns are set-up and…