Point Pickup

How we decreased Point Pickup’s cost per activated driver 75%.

About The Client

Point Pickup delivers groceries and goods from leading retailers to people’s homes. In order to do that, however, they need a steady supply of new drivers all over the country. That’s where we came in. Getting them the drivers they needed, when they needed them, and at an affordable price. 

The Client’s Challenges

  • The cost of getting new drivers was unsustainably high
  • They were frustrated with using indeed.com because they were limited by how much information they could get on prospective applicants
  • As a new business, Point Pickup had little awareness in any of the cities it needed drivers. 

Digital Caffeine’s Solutions

We created fast-loading, compelling landing pages with easy to fill out forms

  • These landing pages distilled down the benefits of being a Point Pickup driver into clear bullet points, something the website and Indeed pages lacked. 
  • Although these were created for the Facebook advertising campaigns we were running, the client, also tried using these with their own Indeed campaigns. They discovered they found they were far more effective and useful than the standard form that Indeed offered because ours provided the client with prospective applicants’ contact information, that Indeed did not.
  • We could test A/B test various landing pages for different locations to help decrease the cost per lead to get drivers.

We produced Facebook campaigns that reached their ideal audiences and helped drive awareness for a new company

  • Using the client’s list of drivers they already had, we were able to create lookalike and custom audiences to reach the best pool of potential drivers.
  • Unlike Indeed, Facebook’s platform allowed us to introduce potential drivers to Point Pickup and explain all the benefits of driving for them.
  • The awareness from Facebook campaigns help drive more organic and direct traffic to the websites 
  • We could quickly ramp up (or down) campaigns in all locations depending on demand

We created Google Ad campaigns that drove additional awareness and organic traffic

  • Our Google Display Network campaigns (image ads that run virtually all over the web to targeted audiences) were incredibly effective at driving a lot of traffic for just a few cents per click.
  • With all the traffic to the site we were able to run display campaigns to keep top of mind presence for all website visitors and new leads that have not yet become activated drivers
  • After these campaigns started running, drivers from organic and direct traffic rose dramatically (see below)



Digital Caffeine was able to increase the number of overall drivers from 2,624 in October 2019 to over 17,000 in March 2020. An increase of 548%. 


For Facebook specifically, we scaled 2090 % from 268 in October 2019 to 5,870 in March.

Most importantly, as we scaled, costs did not increase, we were actually able to decrease the cost per lead.

“Lead” is a form submission of a user interested in becoming a Point Pickup driver.

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Leads cost $10.99 in October 2019 compared to $3.66 in March 2020.


As with most Google Display campaigns, we didn’t see direct conversions as we did with the Facebook campaigns, but we were seeing $0.23 clicks, great for audience building, and staying top-of-mind for past website visitors.

What we also saw was a direct correlation in organic traffic and conversions when implementing and scaling our Google campaigns.

In fact, we saw a 369% increase in organic conversions from October 2019 to March 2020. 

Final Thoughts

While this client was essentially starting from scratch with their branding and advertising, we were able to create successful Facebook and Google campaigns that significantly decreased their costs per active driver so they could scale without having to rely on the limitations and costs of indeed.com.


Digital Caffeine built the foundation of Point Pickup’s digital marketing strategy.  With Digital Caffeine we were able to quickly and efficiently expand onto new platforms to acquire new drivers. The results speak for themselves, with Digital Caffeine our user bases experienced parabolic growth and our cost per acquisition fell significantly. It was a win/win with the number of drivers increasing and cost per acquisition falling! Furthermore, Susan and Louis were a pleasure to work with and managed our entire digital strategy from content creation to ad management.


-Dauvin Peterson
Chief Analytics Officer, Point Pickup Technologies