We offer flexibility, a great commute, and the chance to make a big impact.  

Love digital marketing and looking for a position that offers training, the chance to create major digital campaigns on major clients, and work from a home office? Scroll on.

We’re Digital Caffeine.  We’re a growing digital agency based in Baltimore that focuses on marketing that deliver results. Our clients love us because they never wonder where their money is going because they see how much we increase their business. That’s why they stay with us for years.

We believe in:

  • Clear, common sense English. No synergizing or shifting paradigms. We like to say, “Explain it so our moms can understand it.
  • Focusing on results, not hours.  If you’re delivering great results for our clients, we don’t care about hours. No time sheets!
  • A tasty caffeinated drink makes everything better.


Ideally, a few years of experience creating AdWords and Facebook campaigns. We are, however, willing to train if you have all of the following:

  • A love of digital marketing and learning more about it
  • A strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, and ability to take initiative
  • Familiarity with AdWords. If you haven’t worked on AdWords campaigns, you can learn about them for free.  Either way, you need to have passed the AdWords Fundamentals and AdWords Search Certification. They are both relatively easy. You’ll either find it really interesting or you will realize digital advertising is not a fun world of cat videos you thought it was.
  • Familiarity with Facebook Advertising.  Not to be confused with posting your vacation photos on your personal profile. Facebook also has free courses. You don’t have to be completely certified (it’s a much longer time commitment than studying for AdWords), however, if you have not created Facebook ad campaigns, you do need to have taken a few of these courses.
  • Experience working from a home office.  Yes, everyone thinks they would be great at it. Just like everyone thinks they have a sense of humor. But– it’s not for everyone.


  • Creating and managing Google Adwords campaigns
  • Creating and managing Facebook advertising campaigns
  • Creating Unbounce Landing Pages
  • Meeting with clients via Join.me
  • Keeping up with what’s going on in the digital marketing world (plus, going to company paid for conferences)

How to Apply:

You know how for most job listings you apply and you sometimes don’t even get as much as a “thanks we got your application” let alone a personal follow up?  Well, we promise we will reply to your application with a time for a follow-up interview or a reason why your background isn’t a good fit for us if you include the following:

  • Write a cover letter on why you want to work at Digital Caffeine
  • Include a link to your LinkedIn Profile
  • Your resume– online preferably but attached is OK
  • Your favorite caffeinated drink

Interested? Fab. Email the following to info@digitalcaffeinegroup.com

Once again, if you send all of the above, you will get a reply back.