Google AdWords Update: So Long Sidebar Text Ads

You may have heard the news, Google has made another change to their Search Results Page (SERP) and this one is a large one. Considering how basic the pages are, it seems tough to make waves, but they have.

Automatic Image Extension for Text Ads

There’s a “test” feature that Google is currently running in AdWords which automatically shows text ads in your display campaigns as image ads. I recently encountered this while on a webpage where I saw a really ugly image ad and noticed that it was for one of our clients. After looking through their account, we weren’t running any ads that looked like the one I saw online. So I reached out to Google’s Customer support team and was directed to this post in their help center about these Automatic Image Extensions.

Video Search Optimization (Video SEO)

Note: these search optimization tips work for videos on other hosting sites as well Did you know YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google itself? We receive a lot of questions about video search optimization including how to get videos to show up on YouTube and in Google search.  Here are a few pointers on video creation, titles, descriptions, tagging and promotion to gain the maximum amount of traction and exposure.

New Years Check-up: What To Look at With Your PPC Campaigns

Around this time every year gyms get increasingly busier. At lunch time, instead of there being the 10 other people with me, there always seems to be 100 more, though it only tends to last a few weeks, you can see that people are trying to make some changes in the new year. Consider doing the same thing with your campaigns in AdWords, Bing, and Facebook.

Big News from Google AdWords: Customer Match

Reach Your Customers and Prospects through Google Search The latest advancement for Advertisers that work with Google is a new product called “Customer Match.” Facebook advertisers would recognize this as a “Custom Audience.”  Essentially, advertisers can now upload a list of email addresses in to AdWords to build a custom audience. When those individuals are signed-in to a Google product, advertisers can show them targeted ads about their brand, product, or services as well as upcoming promotions.

Google Now Allows Advertisers To Run Native Gmail Ads

Though it’s been beta testing this “new” feature since 2013, Google has finally allowed all of their AdWords advertisers to start advertising within Gmail. These new ad formats can be accessed via the Display Network, using the Ad Gallery with four options for advertisers: Gmail Image Template Gmail Single Promotion Template Gmail Multi-Product Template Gmail Custom HTML Upload

Google My Business = Google Places and Google+ Local

Google Places for Business … Google+ Local Pages … Google Maps … What are these services, what is the difference and do I need them? Business listings on Google started with Google Maps and Places.  Later, with the introduction of Google+, they created Google+ Local so businesses could also set up a profile on the Google+ network.

Pro Level Technique: Proofreading

In the marketing world, proofreading is a crucial skill. Whether you’re looking through a proposal, writing content for a site, or building an eBook, it’s important to proofread your work with a fine tooth comb. The problem, often when you need to proofread something you glance through it without reading the content, or read over it but miss simple errors. I know a lot of people that just look for the red underlined words that Word highlights for you. One advanced technique is to use a text to speech reader. Fortunately for Mac users, there is one built in.

SEO is about Passion

Another link just came through my email to an interesting article about “Why Link Building Is Not the Future of SEO” followed shortly by an email from Website Magazine about a webinar that will teach you “3 Tactics for Creating SEO-Friendly Content”. As an digital marketer, or Chief Search Caffeinator, I am constantly surrounded by articles, blogs, magazines, webinars, newsletters, videos, tweets, Facebook posts, and more all talking about the magic behind SEO. I’m going to share a quick secret with you: SEO is all about Passion.