You have a great new website with fresh new colors, fancy drop-down menu and flashy pictures rotating across the page. Now – is it attracting visitors, generating sales and getting the phone to ring like it should? “If you build it, they will come” is a fun idea but your website isn’t a field of dreams – it’s your business.

So how can you tell if your website is working like it should? Have our highly-caffeinated SEO specialists perform a detailed website audit to identify usability and technical problems that can cause problems for your visitors and adversely affect search rankings.

What We Check

  • Poorly-focused page content
  • Content organization and readability problems
  • Navigation that does not work on all devices
  • Broken page links
  • Exceedingly slow, unresponsive pages
  • Mobile (smartphone) compatibility problems
  • … and much more

What You Get

checklistWe provide a comprehensive report listing everything we found during our audit including a detailed checklist showing each point we checked and what we discovered, and a list of action items you can use to get your website up to speed.

In most cases we can take the next step and apply any needed updates on your website, once you approve of the changes.

What Else?

During our SEO process we perform a round of keyword research. This helps us determine the best content focus for your specific marketing needs, and ensure your content is attracting the right audience for your business. We follow this up by providing you with an SEO cheat sheet that you can use or give to your content developer when creating future website content.

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