We all want to improve. Yet the only way to measure improvement is to know where you’re starting out. And that’s where Digital Caffeine’s audits come in- at least when it comes to digital marketing.

Top Level PPC Audits: How confident are you that your Google AdWords (or Bing) campaigns are delivering as much as they could be? We can tell you if you’re in the right digital ballpark or if you are giving away too much to Google (hey, they’re good on cash, no need for this). We can also point out the top opportunities for improvement. Price: Free

Deep Dive PPC Audits: Perhaps you already know that your PPC campaigns need help but do not have the time/experience to thoroughly go through each one to figure out what needs to be changed. Our PPC audit analyzes both your big picture goals and the ostensibly tiny details that only an obsessive/compulsive geek would find. We will detail exactly what changes need to be made and prioritize what should be done first. We can even incorporate all those changes if you hand over the digital keys. Price: $2000+ depending on complexity of site.

Top-level SEO Audits. On a scale of 1-10, do you know how well your site is optimized for search? We can give you an estimate overall how well your site is set up and tell you what areas have the most opportunity for improvement. Aren’t your curious where you stand? You have nothing to lose—except your uncertainty. Price: Free

Deep Dive SEO Audits. Want to know exactly what the good, bad, and the ugly is on your site? Based on the goals of your site, we can give you a detailed performance report along with exactly what needs to be done to fix each item. Then we will prioritize them based on what changes will give you the most digital bang for your bucks and time. We assume you don’t have an infinite amount for both. We can even do most of the fixes for you while we are tinkering. Plus we include best practices for adding content going forward. Even if you have an agency currently handling your SEO, it can be good to have a second pair of eyes look for opportunities to improve. Price: $2,500 up (depending on complexity of site).

Website Audit.  It’s hard to be objective about your own baby and the same goes for your website. Our website audit takes a 360 degree look from an outsider’s perspective. We can see how well the site is set up to compellingly encourage users to take the actions you want them to. And we beta-test the &^%$ out of it to see how fast it’s loading on various browsers and devices, what bugs are lurking, and insights from your Google Analytics.

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