Digital Caffeine is launching a new product for our clients that allows them to view user-level analytics for their web properties. This new software application lets our clients see each user’s path throughout their website, how they got there, and what actions they took while on the site.


We are providing this service to our clients as a complimentary added benefit.

How long does it take to set-up?

Set-up can be done the same day. A simple tracking code just needs to be added and your data will start to be collected.

Will this interfere with other trackers on our site?

No, nothing will be affected. We will just have more data which can help us optimize your website and marketing campaigns much better.

Does this replace Google Analytics?

This new analytics is more of a ground-based view, while Google analytics is more of the 10,000-foot view. Both services are useful in tracking and analyzing your web traffic.

View the Basics

the basicsSee a quick daily snapshot of how many people visited your website, how many actions they took, and how long they spent on your site.

Traffic Sources

traffic sourcesHow are people getting to your site? Typing in the URL? Through advertising or natural search?


visitorsHow is your web traffic doing today versus yesterday? Or last week? How about the past 28 days? View your traffic quickly in an easy to view chart.

Recent Visitors

recent visitorsDrill down to the individual visitor. Then look in further to see what pages they went to on your site, what actions each specific visitor took.


engagementHow engaged are your visitors? Take a look at the average engagement of your users.


campaignsSee how your different campaigns are performing, which ones are driving more traffic to your site?


uptimeLike car insurance, we hope you never need to use this, but check this chart to make sure your website is up and running 100% of the time.

Live Analytics Dashboard

analytics dashboard

Do you have a monitor in your office you just don’t know what to do with? Use the Big Screen feature to show how well your site is doing updated every minute. What is driving traffic to your site? What campaigns are performing well? What content are users most interested in?

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