Call Tracking

What’s Driving Your Calls? We Can Tell.

How many calls come from your website? From paid search? From that pricey magazine ad you just bought? Being the data geeks that we are, we call tracking metricsdefinitely want to know all these answers. That’s why we offer call tracking to all our clients.

By tracking these phone calls, Digital Caffeine is able to effectively track online marketing spend even when customers perform offline conversions—such as radio, brochures, or the sign on the side of your van. With this knowledge, we are able to adjust campaigns, change ads, and move budget to make sure we’re putting your advertising dollars towards campaigns that are expected to yield the desired results.

Features of Call Tracking

  • Replaces the standard phone number on your website with a tracked phone number
  • Uses local numbers or toll-free numbers
  • Provides a history of all calls coming in to your organization
  • Marks calls by campaign keyword
  • Tracks offline efforts with custom phone numbers
  • Records each call for additional review and post-call analysis
  • Grades the value your calls (Good lead? Made a purchase?)
  • Runs call reports and organize them by source, campaign, call agent or grade
  • Allows you to send/receive texts from your computer

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