Why Dental Practices Choose Us for Paid Search

When you break a tooth, you need a dentist immediately.  And if you don’t have a regular dentist (and many Americans don’t), you’re going to search on your phone as fast as you can:

If you’re a dentist– where is your practice going to show up? (go try now. We’ll wait)

If you’re not at the top, chances are that potential patient in pain is not going to scroll too far to find you. If you want to be found by potential patients for emergencies and other services (like implants, teeth whitening, sleep apnea devices) then that’s where we can help.

Why we’re a good match for dental practices:

  • We have worked with dentists for years. We know what works and what doesn’t for paid search
  • We understand pricier services like crowns, implants, oral appliances for sleep apnea, etc so you don’t need to get us up to speed on that.
  •  Because we help grow our clients’ businesses, they not only stay with us for years, they refer us to other clients
  • We track all your online and offline calls coming in—you can see exactly where the call is coming from (e.g. Google AdWords, Facebook, directly from your website, a special brochure) how long the call was, and even listen to the recorded calls.
  • We can advise you how you can coach your receptionists to convert new callers into new patients
  • We can advise you on how to optimize your local search—e.g. do you have a well set up Google My Business page? Yelp profile?
  • We can advise you on improving your ratings
  • Explaining everything we do in language even the most technophobic dentist can understand

“To give you an idea of how they have impacted us, we have more than doubled our practice in the 5 years since we started working with them.” – Principal Partner of Bel Air Dental

More to Smile About

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