If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

How do you know if anyone read your $180,000 ad in Oprah Magazine? And even if they did, how do you know it made them buy your product? As data geeks, we understand how frustrating this can be.

Our Focus: Advertising That Delivers Measurable Results

We’re a competitive bunch. And we love to see how much the changes we make in our campaigns increase the calls and customers for our clients. That’s why we focus on tactics we can measure– like: Google Adwords, Bing, and Facebook Advertising and use Call Tracking Metrics.  We know you can’t be great at everything. So instead of being sorta good on all types of marketing, we’d rather be Masters of our Digital Advertising Domain.

Our Secret Digital Sauce aka Why Choose Us

  • You Own All of Your Advertising Accounts.  Did you know that many agencies not only manage your accounts (like AdWords) they also own them. So they can hold them as digital hostage making it difficult for you to transition to a new agency.
  • You Directly Pay the Media Companies.  There’s never any question how much is being spent on AdWords or Facebook Advertising because you are directly paying them. Some agencies like it passing through them so it can puff up their revenue numbers (and a few for even less savory reasons). It never goes through our hands so everything is 100% transparent.
  • No Media Mark Up.  Some agencies charge their clients based upon a percentage of their media spend. The more media they buy, the more their clients pay. That only benefits the agency.  We charge a fixed monthly management fee and only buy media amount that delivers results.
  • No Revolving Account Managers.  It takes time to really know the all the details of a client’s business. So when we assign an account manager, that caffeinator stays on that account for the long haul. So you won’t have to be re-explaining everything every 6 months to some new Scott or Stacey.
  • Our Custom Dashboard, The Buzz, Tailored with Only the Metrics You Care About. Instead of some autogenerated report that no one understands, The Buzz shows you exactly how all your campaigns are performing in one quick glance. It is tailored to display the metrics that are most important to you. You’ll always know exactly what is going on in real time.


Meet The Caffeinators:

<strong>Susan Kim: Chief Caffeinator</strong>
Susan Kim: Chief CaffeinatorCreative Director, Owner
Susan’s background in advertising goes back so far, it was before The Internets. She started as a copywriter at W.B Doner. Eventually she went to the digital side where she worked as a creative director for two start ups and AOL’s advertising.com. When not adding buzz to Digital Caffeine clients’ campaigns, she’s training for her next triathlon.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Coca-Cola. Not diet. Ever.

<strong>Jon Stroz:</strong><br />
<strong>Chief Search Caffeinator</strong>
Jon Stroz:
Chief Search Caffeinator
PPC & Digital Marketing Specialist
Jon cut his digital teeth in PPC when it was still the Wild Wild West of simply outbidding your competitor to “earn” the top spot. Since then, it has evolved to be part science, part art, and a whole lot of trial and error. When not managing campaigns or playing in Excel, you can often find Jon cooking up a storm, reading some really bad joke books (I mean BAD) or planning his escape to Key West.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Café Con Leche

<strong>Allison Woizeschke:<br />
Search Caffeinator</strong>
Allison Woizeschke:
Search Caffeinator
PPC & Digital Marketing Specialist
Allison’s passion for learning and evolving lead her to the digital marketing world. Her digital marketing chapter started as a client of Digital Caffeine where she experienced first hand the importance of tracking, testing, and reporting. She incorporates her love for graphic design and ever-evolving knowledge of digital marketing to create fully developed campaigns within the clients branding. When she is not managing campaigns you will find her catching the latest blockbuster hit, outdoors camping, hiking and kayaking.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage:  Cherry Coke.

<strong>Cindy Friedman:<br />
Creative Caffeinator</strong>
Cindy Friedman:
Creative Caffeinator
Art Director
Cindy’s refreshing style gives everything she designs a conceptual buzz.  She has over 20 years experience in branding, integrated marketing, and making clients looks fabulous.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage:  Cappuccino with extra foam.



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