We’re a digital marketing agency that focuses on measurable results without overwhelming you with techno-speak.

How do you know if anyone read your $180,000 ad in Oprah Magazine? And even if they did, how do you know it made them buy your product? Understandably frustrating. That’s why we focus on tactics we can measure like Paid Search, Facebook Advertising, and Call Tracking Metrics. In Google Analytics We Trust.

Masters of our Metrics Domain

While we love geeking out on cool analytical insights, we still have a mad appreciation for strong branding and elegant design.  In fact, we can’t do our jobs without those.  We realize, however, we don’t want to be a Jack of All Digital Trades and Master of None.  So we leave the cool branding stuff to our partners and focus on the measurable stuff.

We’ve Been Around the Digital Block

Every principal on the team has worked in this industry since the “You’ve Got Mail” days (in fact, Susan worked at AOL. Twice).  We’ve seen that for every Amazon.com there’s a Pets.com, for every Facebook there’s a GeoCities (look it up, kids). The thing about the “Next Big Thing” in the internet industry is, after a while you get perspective.  We’re not going to get hot and bothered about what’s currently digitally hot.  Instead we’ll research it, see if it would help our clients’ ROI and then if it is, incorporate as efficiently as possible.  Finally, we’ll explain it our clients in a simple and clear way. You know, Old School.

We Believe In:


Explaining everything so that even your technophobe Aunt Mavis can understand it


Recommending simple solutions first. No need for a pricey phone app, when just making your landing page mobile friendly will accomplish your same goal.


Measuring and testing. How do you know if you’re improving if you don’t know where you started? And how do you know what’s working if you don’t test?

Meet The Caffeinators:

<strong>Susan Kim: Chief Caffeinator</strong>
Susan Kim: Chief CaffeinatorCreative Director, Owner
Susan’s background in advertising goes back so far, it was before The Internets. She started as a copywriter at W.B Doner. Eventually she went to the digital side where she worked as a creative director for two start ups and AOL’s advertising.com. When not adding buzz to Digital Caffeine clients’ campaigns, she’s training for her next triathlon.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Coca-Cola. Not diet. Ever.

<strong>Jon Stroz:</strong><br /> <strong>Chief Search Caffeinator</strong>
Jon Stroz:
Chief Search Caffeinator
PPC & Digital Marketing Specialist
Jon cut his digital teeth in PPC when it was still the Wild Wild West of simply outbidding your competitor to “earn” the top spot. Since then, it has evolved to be part science, part art, and a whole lot of trial and error. When not managing campaigns or playing in Excel, you can often find Jon cooking up a storm, reading some really bad joke books (I mean BAD) or planning his escape to Key West.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Café Con Leche

<strong>Allison Woizeschke:<br /> Search Caffeinator</strong>
Allison Woizeschke:
Search Caffeinator
PPC & Digital Marketing Specialist
Allison’s passion for learning and evolving lead her to the digital marketing world. Her digital marketing chapter started as a client of Digital Caffeine where she experienced first hand the importance of tracking, testing, and reporting. She incorporates her love for graphic design and ever-evolving knowledge of digital marketing to create fully developed campaigns within the clients branding. When she is not managing campaigns you will find her catching the latest blockbuster hit, outdoors camping, hiking and kayaking.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage:  Cherry Coke.

<strong>Cindy Friedman:<br /> Creative Caffeinator</strong>
Cindy Friedman:
Creative Caffeinator
Art Director
Cindy’s refreshing style gives everything she designs a conceptual buzz.  She has over 20 years experience in branding, integrated marketing, and making clients looks fabulous.

Favorite Caffeinated Beverage:  Cappuccino with extra foam.



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